About Us

Revivo's mission is to increase access to quality and affordable electronics repairs, starting with the billion dollar Kenyan market. We do this by helping the small repair shops that do the vast majority of repairs to grow and thrive. 

We are starting by solving the biggest problem faced by small repair shops: accessing quality spare parts. Through our website repair shops can easily find everything they need in one spot. All of our products come with a quality guarantee, and products can be bought on consignment so that repair shops can stock the inventory they need to serve customers efficiently.

Repairs have a positive impact on both people and planet. They make life-changing products like smartphones and solar home systems more affordable by extending their life. While a new phone costs about the equivalent of a month's income for many Kenyans, a repair costs about 10% of that. Extending the life of a product also reduces the emissions that come from producing electronics and reduces dangerous e-waste.